Jan 1, 2009

A Dream: the slab

Just a vivid dream I had. Nothing of Substance in this post.

slab dream

A gray slab of rock of continental scale warms in the afternoon sun of my minds eye. 'What makes this kind of country' asks my fathers voice. 'plates come together and they crunch up or one is pushed under the other' I say.
The slab has ledges and fissures perpendicular to these ledges, giving the landscage a boxy look. The whole slab tilts toward some lower place under the horizon, and out of mind. There is a wide cut down the center of the slab. The topography within the cut is similarly ledged and cut, but less dramatically so. Water runs through here and there- mostly shallow and shimmering, little waterfalls alive with reflection and pissy noise. The rougher areas are bare rock, or green with moss. There are also small flooded groves of tress in the calmer waters. The trees strangely dry and in their autumn colors. I enter into this little paradise and float amounts the trees, the surface of the water still but carrying me steadilly up stream. I'm in an eddy, floating face down in the ether, buoyant and breathing, a foot above the water. I can see the bottom. Everything down there is fuzzed with a substantial layer of silt, clinging to the grasses and round stones as if by static force. And as if encased in gelatin or old acrylic , nothing moves.
Off my left flank are open spaces and somewhere the channel is to powerful to ford, and the waterfalls sound greater than man or mountain.

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