Oct 7, 2007

rubicon camp

rubicon camp, originally uploaded by RockScout.

oct 7 2007
patched together photo
A neat vegetated hollow on an otherwise exposed mountain of granite along the rubicon 4x4 trail. Notice my tent, shadow and giant trees.

Sep 26, 2007

killer lichen

killer lichen, originally uploaded by RockScout.

oct 2007 This lichen has that color that indicates to me that it might make a good poison. Certain sulfer colored lichen were mixed w glass and meat and used as wolf poison.

Aug 23, 2007

Club Moss

blurry because this is a combination of several hand-held pictures. I combined pictured for a greater depth of focus. It's frustrating- these web colors aren't very vivid.

Aug 8, 2007

Caught in The Sun

two "other" photos from today. I think the way those logs were lit up was kinda trippy

A Good Rain

It rained hard tuesday night. Come monday I had a mind to kayak a swollen creek, the strongest that runs through the forest. My friends who live near this creek were busy though, and that made the trip a no-go. I spent the afternoon doing some photography in the vicinity. The rain brought mushrooms, big-time, they were literally pooping out of the ground as I worked. BTW, afew of these picture are worth seeing bigger. you can Click to enlarge.

I realize now that a familiar piece of detritus (like the one on the left, below) is actually clover seeds.

...more bugs...

Aug 5, 2007

Those Green Flies

One of my first memories is of one of those shiny green flies on a pile of dog shit. I must have been about 18 months old.
I had corn on the cob this evening and the fallen soldiers attracted these flies in droves. They came out of nowhere, in no time flat there were dozens. I think that white part is the lungs.

Aug 4, 2007

Garter Snakes

check out the individuality of these snakes that live in the rocks in front of my house.

First Leaves

This picture is from this spring. It's out my bedroom window. I woke up and was stuck by the sight of greenery. These were the first leaves of spring. As cool as it was I would have forgotten the experience, if not for this picture.

The Drive

I love this drive. The way the sun sets on that hill has always pleased me. Living in the woods gave me the spontaneity to stop and try to photography it in the last rays of the setting sun.

Jul 23, 2007

Half an Hours Work

I'm trying to make better use of my time. From walking out the door to this blog, it took me 30 minutes to bring you these three photos. I shot about 75.

A Real Bed

a real bed is a luxury because I have been living in the woods for the last week, I was playing survivor. I ate plants. Milkweed buds were my staple. Trout never tasted so good.

My Evening Walk

I take a walk at dusk and notice the last things the sun shines on.

Lightning Strikes Same Spot Twice

look at these two photos, taken a year apart
this is the view in front of my house

Jun 28, 2007

An Old Friend offers Support

I've been sharing my worries with my friends, who are all scattered to hell across the continent. The most supportive has been my elementary school crush. I don't recall the details but my first fantasy had something to do with this girl and karate, which I was really impressed that she knew.
We've only had a handful of moments together but they were all quite memorable. She's hilarious and she has some other very special qualities that I shouldn't mention, since she's got a nice boyfriend and a big mean dog. Not to mention a college degree and a neat apartment with big window like she always liked. I'm envious.
Anyway, I thank her for her kind words.

Jun 26, 2007

My Baby Left me for an Internet Crush

Here she is on my bed, in his forum.

a day in the life

a timelapse short I made last spring


Pipe, I love the as my life ;
By thee I mean to choose a wife.
Pipe, thy color let me find,
In her skin, and in her mind.
Let her have a shape as fine ;
Let her breath be sweet as thine ;
Let her, when her lips I kiss,
Burn like thee, to give me bliss ;
Let her in some smoke or other,
All my failings kindly smother.
When to study I incline,
Let her aid be such as thine ;
Let her live to give delight
Ever warm and ever bright ;
Let her deeds, whene'er she dies,
Mount as incense to the skies.

c. 1894 featured in a gentleman's magazine, author unkown

Jun 25, 2007

A Spectre's Visage

"Christ! What was that thing? Something transparent just shot across the floor and went strait into the wall!" A small insect disturbs a room full of full grown men in military uniform.

We had these creatures in my barracks at prep school. I didn't encounter them often, but I vividly remember those times when one would sprint across our shiny, dust-free linoleum with obvious situational awareness. It was uncanny how these fluttery massless collections of legs always made the right move. Nobody ever caught or stomped one.

Years later, just the other day, I managed to catch one in my own house and take its picture.

Scutigera is its genus name. It's a tropical centipede. But it's so good at what it does that it has spread into colder climates by hanging out in places that we heat heat during the winter. I have a theory that their tiny eggs are often distributed by humans, like myself, who habitually leave their clothes on the floor.

What is does is kill. It's an nocturnal ambush predator with compound eyes and poison fangs. My casual observation is that it moves faster than other terrestrial insect and has dragonfly quality vision, it has an acute sense for vibration, with it's rear most set of legs adapted into psudo-antenna. It has cool barbs on it's knees and alternating tiger colors throughout.

I let her go outside. And was glad to see her a week later. She was hunting on the stone face of my exterior wall and sharing territory with a massive spider.