Jan 1, 2009

Are you an Enviornmentalis or do you Work

An instructor of mine has this bumper sticker on the back of his 82 toyota pickup.

"Are you an environmentalist, or, do you work for a living?"

It's a good bet that if you're a blue collar worker you're job antagonizes nature and thus such sentiments are born.

And it's easy to be critical of the green movement. Do these people think about what it takes to gather the ore for their titanium bicycles? Do they understand that their organic lettuce is grown in a former desert by means of intensive irrigation, petrochemical fertilizer, and mild pesticides, then trucked across the continent in a refrigerated semi?
I see "be green" everywhere. It's all over the TV, and magazines, but the content is ridiculous. It's just consumerism. Buy this, it's green. Drive this, it's good for the environment. Invest in us, we think about sustainability.

I'll tell you what. Littering, incandescent light bulbs, and renegade ATVs aren't the important environmental issue.

The food and feed industries are entirely dependent on petrochemicals. I'm saying that without synthetic fertilizer american crops would yield a tenth of what they yield now. That means a tenth the cows, pigs, chickens, ethanol, bread, candy, chips, and frozen dinners. Oil is a material that is becoming more expensive every week. Worldwide, the price of staple grains is rising 5 times faster than normal inflation, in some shitty places grain is so expensive that people are starving to death.
Here in the states the government subsidizes grain for the sake of agro business and us consumers.
Bread and Circus. Bread and Circus.
Natalie Portman is living green and loving life.

"Are you an environmentalist, or, do you work for a living?"

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